Administrative Report

The Administrative Report provides real time visibility into administrative processes that are often overlooked but are critical to optimize profitability and cash flow. This report can potentially help uncover some hidden costs within your shop. Listed below is a description and video tutorial of each section within the Administrative Report.

Shop Pay Analysis

Shop Pay Analysis lists all shop pay items in any repair orders that are open or closed within the past 15 days so that you have visibility into these non-billable expenses. You can decide whether they are true shop pay items or if you can recover some of the costs. See video tutorial below.

Parts Received for Pending Arrived

Parts Received for Pending Arrived lists repair orders with parts that have been invoiced 10 or more days ago but the vehicle hasn’t arrived. This ensures that if a vehicle doesn’t show up, you aren’t stuck holding onto non-returnable parts. This can become critical around 30 days or longer because you may be charged a restocking fee or may not be able to return the part at all. See video tutorial below.

Gross Profit

Gross Profit on Today Deliveries shows the vehicles that are scheduled to be delivered today and their overall gross profit percentages. Gross Profit on Previous Two Day Deliveries shows vehicles that were delivered in the past two days and their overall gross profit percentages. At a quick glance you can see if anything is out of line and you have the ability to go back and make changes. See video tutorial below.

Vehicle Arrival Overdue

Vehicle Arrival Overdue lists vehicles that were scheduled to come in to the shop but didn’t show up. This identifies lost sale opportunities and provides you with a chance to recapture these sales. Once you see that a vehicle has not arrived, it allows you to follow up and try to reschedule the appointment. This can have a double impact if there were parts ordered in for the vehicle. See video tutorial below.

Date Compliance

Date Compliance lists repair orders missing critical date information. Entering dates is critical to the proper operation of your management system and for performance measurement. Generis will prompt you to enter dates as they become relevant so that you can track your KPI's. See video tutorial below.