Results from Real generis Users


Production Improvement

graph  Touch Time

Touch Time

Increased Touch Time: generis focuses production on a RO specific performance target

Result: over 100% improvement in average touch time


Cycle Time

Cycle Time

Reduced Cycle Time: by focusing on individual RO targets, overall cycle time improves

Result: average cycle time reduced by 7 days









“Our guys are now setting better delivery dates because of this and making sure that they're achieving 3 units or better per day."
Derek.Chatterley - Boyd Group BC



Financial Improvement

graph  closing lag

RO Delivery to Closing Lag

Decreased Closing Lag: generis tracks Administrative inefficiencies  

Result: improved operating cash flow by 14 days

“It has allowed us to look at things that we wouldn’t look at before. They were there but we had no real way of measuring or monitoring it.”
Jason.Stevens - GT Collision



Administrative Improvement

graph  Parts Received

Parts Received for Pending Arrived

Decreased Parts Inventory: generis reports on parts received without an arrived vehicle

Result: removed $15,000 of parts inventory


“It gives us the ability that we've never had before to track lost business to drive revenue"
Steve Newbold - South Barrie Collision Centre


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