Finance Report

The Finance Report provides daily tracking of your shop's financial performance. It provides you with an instant view of your current status and shows how you are tracking against your monthly goals. Listed below is a description and video tutorial of each section within the Finance Report.

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis tracks closed and projected sales against your monthly target and break even point so that there are no month end surprises. See video tutorial below.

Delivery Analysis

Delivery Analysis shows what was delivered over the past five days, what is scheduled to be delivered today and what is scheduled to be delivered over the next five days so you can manage target deliveries and reduce peaks and valleys in output. See video tutorial below.


RO Delivery to Closing Lag

RO Delivery to Closing Lag lists repair orders that have been delivered but not closed, which ties up cash flow. You want to invoice these RO's as soon as possible so that you can minimize closing lag and get paid sooner. See video tutorial below.