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Starting @ $59.00/month, generis unlocks the value of your data.

The generis platform enables  you to improve business results by organizing data into three primary functions:

  1. Analyzing historical KPI metrics and identifying recent trends.
  2. Highlighting current areas where operational improvements can be made.
  3. Communicating goals to align team members to operational objectives.

We understand that business analytics can be complex, our promise is to keep it simple.

Configuration Options

Every repair is different and so is every repair business so we won’t force you into a one-size-fits-all; those outfits don’t look good on anybody!  The starter package includes RVM, all other components are optional add-ons so we can cater a configuration specific to your needs and goals. The Pulse dashboards are highly customizable and targeted to influence behaviours that may be unique to your environment. Once you’ve reviewed the options let’s schedule a one-on-one session to review your ideal configuration.

RVM (Required @ $59/month)

RVM (Rear View Mirror) is simple to use and provides a detailed analysis of historical performance in critical business areas such as sales, sales mix by customer, profitability, and operational KPIs like cycle time and touch times.  Reports that took hours to compile are now available in seconds. If you like something you see and want to see it regularly, simply add a report subscription and get it automatically sent to your inbox. Reporting made simple. 

Power User

Have more complex needs? Power User is a highly customizable report wizard that allows you to build, share and distribute reports with the data points you choose. With over 80 data points to work with, the answer you are looking for is probably here. If you need to segment by account, manufacturer, location, or all combined, Power User can do that too. This is a low cost add-on to the base RVM access. It’s geared towards users who not only want to see results, but also want to understand what influences them.

Daily Dashboard

You’ve seen your historical results. The next step is to influence today’s activities in order to improve tomorrow’s outcomes. Daily Dashboard provides insight into daily operations such as administrative compliance, production scheduling and financial predictions. It identifies items that need attention and distributes that information to the roles within your organization that are best equipped to take immediate action. You can’t change history but you can change your future performance.


Need to align your team? The Pulse dashboards are highly configurable dashboards that are intended to do just that. These dashboards continuously communicate key metrics that you and your team care about. Use Pulse to communicate month-to-date sales vs. bonus thresholds, critical KPIs or team ranking within a peer group. Raise awareness on how your team's activities impact performance and reinforce advancement toward common goals. 


How do you measure up? Benchmark gives you the ability to assess how you stack up against regional competitors or a defined peer group(s) in terms of your operational performance and work mix. If you’re wondering if your repair mix is luxury heavy, or if your touch time ranks in the top 10% of repairers, this is where you can find those answers. We do not benchmark on profitability and we never enable a peer group that could be reverse-engineered. Therefore Benchmark may not be available in all markets.