Production Report

The Production Report provides an overview of your production activities, tracks your KPI's and allows you to proactively manage individual repair orders. Listed below is a description and video tutorial of each section within the Production Report.

60 Day Trend

60 Day Trend is a snapshot of your average production over the past 60 days. It tracks the average number of vehicles and departmental hours in and out of the shop daily, so you can use your resources wisely. See video tutorial below.

Production Pipeline

Production Pipeline shows the breakdown of hours on site, incoming and outgoing over a three day period. It provides you with visibility into your hours coming in and out so you can see how you are scheduling these hours and balance capacity effectively. See video tutorial below.

Production Report

Production Report provides a breakdown of all repair orders on site, arriving and delivering today. It monitors productivity of these repair orders in a proactive view so that you can correct underachieving repairs before the erode profitability or cause problems with your insurance partners. See video tutorial below.