Training and Support

Welcome to the Training and Support page for the generis Performance Management System! This page will show you how to set up your administration profile and provide you with a detailed description of each of the generis reports. For more information and tutorial videos, click on the links below.

Generis Administration Setup

The Administration tab within the generis Dashboard is where you set up your shop profile with information that is critical to the reporting accuracy of generis and set up email subscriptions of the reports to different people within the organization.

Generis Daily Dashboard Reports

  • The Administrative Report provides real time visibility into administrative processes that impact profitability and cash flow
  • The Finance Report provides daily tracking of your shop’s financial performance
  • The Production Report provides an overview of your production activities and tracks your key performance indicators

Generis RVM Reports

  • The Filter of RVM lets you choose from various options to customize the reports. Each selection yields slightly different reports
  • The RVM Sales Source allows users to assess sales and profitability across multiple insurance partners
  • The RVM KPIs tracks performance figure trends that affect insurers
  • The RVM Scorecard allows users to measure their shops' performance against its peer group and top 10% market performers