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Loewen’s Leap Forward – Where Heritage Meets Innovation

In this case study we'll highlight the story of Loewen Body Shop – its history and the values that have guided it through generations of business in rural Manitoba. Loewen's is not only is a top performer in their market, they may be the top performer in the country. See what a relentless pursuit of perfection looks like!

Name: Loewen Body Shop (single shop)

Owners and Managers: Josh and Jesse Loewen

Annual Sales:  4.5 M



Loewen Body Shop, led by fourth-generation owner-operators Josh and Jesse Loewen, stands as a testament to heritage and innovation in the collision repair industry. Established in 1937, this single-shop operation in Canada has evolved, boasting the first downdraft paint booth in Western Canada and a recent expansion into a facility twice its original size.

The Challenge

Before adopting generis, even though performing well above industry norms, Jesse knew there was more to gain with improved visibility into operational metrics and workflow inefficiencies, particularly in managing work-in-progress (WIP) and cycle times. The onset of COVID-19 exacerbated these challenges, leading to a realization of the need for improved operational oversight.

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The Approach

By implementing Generis, Loewen Body Shop adopted a data-driven approach to streamline operations. Advanced repair planning and strategic job scheduling facilitated a more efficient workflow, significantly improving job turnaround times. This shift not only enhanced operational metrics but also brought a newfound sense of control and efficiency to the shop's daily operations.


The Wins

The implementation of Generis led to remarkable improvements, such as:

  • decreased rental costs and parts inventory,
  • increased touch times and net profit annually, and
  • reduced WIP, leading to a more manageable daily operation.

These operational efficiencies translated into higher customer satisfaction, reflecting in Loewen Body Shop's ability to fix more vehicles faster while retaining their quality standards.

Soft Wins

Beyond operational improvements, Loewen Body Shop experienced a cultural shift, empowerment through transparency in operations resulted in a more engaged team, boosting customer satisfaction and reinforcing the shop's commitment to excellence.




Jesse Loewen's endorsement of generis speaks volumes about its impact, highlighting its suitability for both well-run businesses seeking fine-tuning and those feeling out of control.


“The information we receive from generis is invaluable – we can make changes on the production floor and can see exactly what is working and what is not. We’ve seen our net profit go up year after year.”

  Jesse Loewen


Already one of the best performing repairers in their market, Loewen’s resulting improvement in already stellar Key Performance Indicators (shown below) illustrate the firsthand power of embracing technology and data-driven decision-making.



6 months - July 2022 through Dec 2022



6 months - September 2023 through February 2024


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