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Beyond reporting, actual insight to better manage and improve business results. Here's how:

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Historical performance and identify opportunities for improvement. 

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Operational compliance, predict and take corrective actions before results are permanent.

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Align the entire team to common goals and provide visual tracking of their progress against targets.

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How it Works

generis organizes the data from your Body Shop Management System (BSMS) into concise views that drive business performance. Your team goes about its regular business (no additional data input required) and generis provides insight into areas of operational compliance and predicts outcomes so you can take corrective action before they become historical facts. The best way to control your future is to see it before it happens.




Professional Services

We can cater a professional services package to meet your needs. Training and support are included in the generis monthly subscription fee, but if you are lacking resources or want us to engage at a deeper level to analyze performance or assist in driving performance gains ... we'll be there!


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We Think Differently

We're not your typical software company, from the way we license our software, to the unlimited training, to the specialized support. We are 100% committed to delivering value ... and we let you judge our commitment every month!    

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