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75% of repairers miss out on $ 10,000 in monthly sales!

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Discover how to maximize your sales with 3 Daily Vital Signs

How it Works

1. We make it simple. The initial set-up requires 5-10 minutes of your time, no technical expertise is needed. Thereafter, every evening we connect to your Body Shop Management System (BSMS) to refresh the data, no additional tasks for you, and no impact to operations. 

2. We convert your data into actionable insights. generis organizes your BSMS data into intuitive views of daily operations deeper business analytics and team behaviour so you can unlock its true value. We take managing your data seriously; see our data policies here.

3. We're a partner in your performance. We'll schedule an initial overview of your shop's data within generis and identify potential opportunities for improvement, collaborate on an action plan and support its execution. You have our ongoing commitment with our unlimited training and support policy. 




Professional Services

We can cater a professional services package to meet your needs. Training and support are included in the generis monthly subscription fee, but if you are lacking resources or want us to engage at a deeper level to analyze performance or assist in driving performance gains ... we'll be there!


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We Think Differently

We're not your typical software company, from the way we license our software, to the unlimited training, to the specialized support. We are 100% committed to delivering value ... and we let you judge our commitment every month!    

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