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generis is a performance management software system specifically designed for collision repairers. It maximizes profitability for shops under constant pressure to reduce severity and cycle times. Unlike other software systems that are purely reactive, generis provides a combination of historical and predictive reporting so you can take corrective actions before underachieving performance is written into your history.


Historical views provide easy analysis of past performance in critical business areas, such as sales, sales mix by customer, profitability, and operational KPIs like cycle and touch times. This functionality is targeted toward management staff who need to assess business performance, opportunities and risks. 

Historical sales and benchmarking analysis.png
Review - RVM KPI Summary.jpg
Historical sales trends and peer benchmarking

KPI  trending  with related repair  order detail for deeper analysis


Operational views provide daily Administrative, Financial, and Production activities that impact operational performance. This functionality is targeted toward specific roles within a repair organization (such as CSR or Production Manager) and enables those roles to proactively take corrective actions to improve operational performance and profitability before it becomes an historical data point. WIP and Production 

Monthy Sales - DD Finance-1.png
Delivery analysis_historical and predictive based on WIP target dates vs daily objectives.png

Monthly sales projections based on Closed and Projected repair orders 

Delivery analysis, historical and predictive based on WIP target dates vs daily objectives


Behavioral views are visual dashboards that continuously track and report KPIs and SOP compliance. Ideally, these dashboards are delivered via displays located at high traffic locations within a repairer’s location. This configuration is intended to raise awareness among staff of how their activities impact performance and positively influence their behaviour. 

Throughput tracking - Pulse.jpg
MTD Performance Summary.png

Visual  tracking of  hours and units completed vs monthly 

MTD Performance Summary and trend graph of RO Delivery / Closing.

Our Services


AutoHouse’s principal purpose is to assist in unlocking value from an organization’s data assets to drive business improvement. We believe if we do our job properly, you will see value and continue to engage our services. That is why our license agreements are renewable monthly … you are free to go at any time, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Platform License

The generis platform is licensed as a monthly SaaS (software as a service) subscription fee (per location).

License includes:

  • Full access to generis software components (including both corporate and location access).
  • Integration to most Body Shop Management System's (BSMS) applications.
  • All training and support for corporate and location staff.

Future Extensibility & Professional Services

The core delivery mechanism for value delivery is the generis platform, however, generis is extensible by design and integration of other data sources that contribute value are not only feasible, but welcome

AutoHouse provides a full suite of Professional Services to assist in customizations and/or consultations to drive performance improvement across the client organization.

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