Administration Videos



Set up shop profile: set up targets and facility information. 



Normalize accounts: combine multiple accounts so they appear under one name. 





Set up subscriptions: subscribe to receive reports directly to your email.


RVM Videos (Rear-View Mirror)



Filter page: select desired parameters to build report. 



Sales Source Report: provides insight into sales and profitability. 



KPI Report: view performance metrics such as touch touch and cycle time. 



Power User Filter Pages



Parameters: set the parameters of the ROs to be included in your report.  


Filters: narrow down your report by specific accounts, estimators and vehicles. 


Groupings: organise information into groups and subgroups as desired. 


Selections: select the data points and KPIs to be included in your report.  


Save: name, save and run your report. 





Reach out with to if you require any assistance. 

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