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What Every Car Should Have

Posted by Natasha Bale on Wed, Mar 21, 2012 @ 08:21 AM

A recent article about a man that was found alive after snow buried him in his car for two months made me wonder how prepared the average driver is for accidents that leave them stranded. Perhaps as trusted industry experts, collision repair shops should inform customers what they should store in their car in case of an emergency and why.

While most of us do not live in such extreme conditions as the Artic or the desert, there are many situations that could leave us isolated and/or immoveable. When left with your vehicle in a remote area, in poor weather or health conditions, most survival reports will tell you that you should not wander off from your vehicle. A vehicle is larger and therefore easier to find, it provides shelter, and most of all it (should) have supplies.

The Government of Canada has a great checklist on its website of what every person should have in their car:

 emergency car kit

If your car had the majority of the items listed, you would be prepared not only to survive the conditions, but also have the tools to help get found. Who really wants to spend two months buried in their car anyway?

What do you keep in your car? Do you think you or your customers are prepared? Let us know.

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