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Preparing for Crash Avoidance Technology

Posted by Natasha Bale on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 07:04 AM

There have been a lot of articles floating around lately about technological developments within the auto industry- crash avoidance technology to be specific. The ultimate goal for this of course is to improve the safety of vehicles and reduce collisions. While these are amazing developments, what do these advances in technology mean for the collision repair industry?

According to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 90% of all crashes are due to human error behind the wheel. It seems logical then that new technology is focusing on taking the control away from human drivers and making more features computerized.

As long as cars are on the road, accidents are inevitable. But since there’s already more collision shops than business to sustain them, future technology that further reduces accidents will greatly impact the collision repair industry.

Some reports are stating that these developments are going to be in vehicles by next year but others are stating that for this technology (especially the car-to-car communication) will only reach its full potential once the majority of cars have it, and that could take another 30 years. Whether it takes one year or 30 years, the overall effect for collision repairers will be the same: reduced business. Shops will have to compete even more for decreasing ROs by gaining competitive advantages and increasing its efficiencies even further.

Now is the time to begin looking for ways to clean up shop operations and investing in tools that help you do it. AutoHouse Technologies’ products give you visibility into your shop and show you where your inefficiencies are. It shows you what’s wrong, not what’s right in your shop, so you can focus on fixing the problems.

Let us help you gain that much needed competitive advantage so that your shop is still thriving in the rapidly changing industry.

Is Crash Avoidance Technology a threat to the industry? What are other ways to gain a competitve advantage? Let us know your thoughts!

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